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Good News! It's a Very Lemon Tart, Gluten Free

Captain Awesome grew up in a family we affectionately refer to as the  Lemon Loving clan.  He and his parents love lemon tart more than chocolate.  Yes, indeed, gasp.  But true.  So recently, after we carted some pretty Meyer lemons home from the market, I thought I would make him a very lemon tart.

Three many tarts later I finally have it.  The first one was a candidate for  baking wreck of the week.  A little too much cornstarch and the lemon filling was smooshy bitter.  The second one was better, but the crust was rather like chewing crust-jerky.  And the filling was still bitter and slightly chewy.  Not what you want in a lemon tart.  Too much pith and brimstone.

The third time was the charm.  This one is so perfect I want to bronze it.  Half the tart is still in the refrigerator but I know it won’t last the day because Captain Awesome already had a piece for breakfast. Continue reading


Celebrating Zach's Birthday with Gluten Free French Apple Tart


Exactly a dozen years ago today, on a soupy-fluffernutter-foggy dawn we were driving south on Interstate 5 to the city of Angels to meet our first grandchild who was busy laboring his way into this world.  Each passing year has brought new surprises as he grows up.  There were the music years (still going strong) when he wanted to play bass fiddle like his dad and got a ½ sized cello so he could reach the top of the neck.  He was three.  Then there were the magical Lego years followed by a leap into food prep and cooking.

When he was ten years old I received a one-line email from our boy of few words.  He wanted a recipe for apple strudel.  I never did get a clear idea of why he was asking but it was intriguing enough that I was sure we had a new generation of pastry baker in the family.  I sent him some ideas and a few cookbooks aimed at his age.   But none of those really come close to describing how to create old fashioned strudel.

Someday I will teach the boy how to roll strudel dough like his great-grandmother did – so that you can almost see through it.  But for today, I just want to wish him a very happy first dozen-years birthday and it seems fitting to share a recipe that I know he can make. Continue reading